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Ray Girvan

At this magnification, the image is slightly disturbing; it looks as if the sky cop is wearing a fetishy costume with thigh-length boots and no pants. The LOC maximum-sized image shows it's probably some kind of tunic, though it still looks like pink shorts.

John F. Ptak

Part of the problem with representing the future that is also populated with humans means that the humans need to be clothed in a futuristic way. It is probably the weakest link in picturing the future, much like drawing hands and faces on modern patent applications--it just seems as though it can't be done. People would probably be a little smarter if they did clothing the way "artists" like myself draw hands--by having the subject standing with their hands behind their backs. So I would suggest that in the future that people depicting the future should either leave people out of the equation or have them wear simple tunics. Regarding the cop: sometimes we see what we want to see, but I think what you see is what we're all seeing. And yes it makes you wonder exactly what sort of copper he is... ;-)

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