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This photograph is fabulous John. Thanks for sharing it. I love that this many people posed for the shot, and wondering how the photography managed to orchestrate that.
Cheers - Lynn Walsh

Jeff Donlan

Amazing photo. I wonder if it isn't a "colored" photo vs. color photo. The far distance looks monochromatic. If it IS a re-touched photo, it's a marvelous job.

John F. Ptak

Thanks Jeff. I really should have written about the color aspect of the photograph. It is entirely possible that this is a color photograph and not simply a hand-colored photo, but I can't say for sure, and the history of color photography is long and deep and tough. But color photos existed 40 years before this, and had become less-rare by 1900...so it is quite possible that this is a bona fide color photo.
See this very nice summation and timeline of color photography: http://www.luminous-lint.com/IaW/public/5/1/2/1/0/20/T/

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