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Jeff Donlan

A decline in suicide! Enough to make one's heart sink. Thank goodness for the likes of Mr. Chesterton. The problem is that would-be eugenicists are unembarrassible. But then, neither am I for using such a word.

John F. Ptak

I didn't intend to beat these people up. Its just that I found a stack of this journalin the warehouse and picked one out and opened it, and this is what I found. And it is amazing--but less so because so much of that issue is similar, and so many of the other issues are similar to this one...it would be easy to dismiss this nowadays as old and bad and crackpotty, but it wasn't, and were not not far removed from this stuff in the way we measure time. I think it is good to remember it from time to time.

"Unembarrassable" is a good word. It might be a great word. I wonder how this idea translates from other languages.

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