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Jeff Donlan

If I were the engraver, I would have been tempted to include tears for the poor creature being so laid open upon the page. I'm interested now about Burton's "Anatomy" including only ten references to tears. At first glance, it makes sense, since my modern sense of melancholy is of a less impassioned sadness, but his book is reaches much more widely. I most recently went to it about religious melancholy, which is classified under "Love." I loved seeing that.

John F. Ptak

Jeff-- thanks. I have to admit that I've nevermade it through the Burton book. I mean over the years I've gotten through mos to fit piece-by-piece but it honestly has never been to me a book to actually "read" so much as one to "graze". And I was there for his references more so than the content I'm sorry to say. I'd like to do it though one of these days because it should be done...but there are a lot of books on that list. (What are a few of your's?) I'm moved now to go read "love". Back to you later.

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