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Ray Girvan

The work on this theme that I most recall - and your reference to the concept spurred me to Google it and find its title that I'd forgotten - is Damon Knight's 1956 Backward O Time.

The sole bit I remembered was this:

Professor Toohey was an old duck who took a fancy to Sullivan before he had been in college a year. They used to spout beer, down in Toohey's dark cellar where he kept a keg for it, and talk philosophy.

But Googling finds more, as in this bit about anti-shaving:

In the evenings his familiar face stared back at him from the mirror haggard and gray. His fingers rubbed the smooth cheek; the razor came riding diagonally up with a crisp sound, trailing lather and making the bristles sprout behind it. Then the warm brush to remove the lather, and the same face, with its beard restored.

John F. Ptak

Thanks very much for that note, Ray. THis is such an ENORMOUS subject, this sdrawkcab stuff. I've been thinking about people seeing the train running backwards (sucking in steam and such) and seeing it for the first time...it must have been extraordinarily powerful to realize the power of this capacity...like suddenly gaining a new dimension.

Ray Girvan

I forget where I first heard this - it might have been a comic sketch - but it involved a description of the plot of "Jaws" backwards: the story of a shark which vomits up so many people that they have to open a beach.

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