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Ray Girvan

"Over London by Rail" is one of my favourites from that book. I can't find an image online, but one of the illustrations in Shaun Tan's magic-realist graphic novel "The Arrival" (see Stranger in a strange land http://jsbookreader.blogspot.com/2010/11/stranger-in-strange-land.html ) is a close homage to it. The book is a beautifully-drawn textless allegory about the immigrant experience, and one of the characters is a little girl who escapes from a dystopian city where she tends a furnace in one of a block of cubicles modelled on the Doré print.

John F. Ptak

I agree Ray with the Shaun Tan--I: like that work but hadn't made the Dore connection 'till your note, so thanks! I have to say that my introduction to Dore when I was young were his giant works on Poe and Dante, both of which left me with little appreciation of the man, neither work appealing to me...saw them time and time again but never bought either. Years later I found his social documentarian work which completely changed the playing field for Dore and me. Thanks again for the Tan connection and for the link to the fine JS blog (above).

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