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Peacay .

While I'm often dazzled to the point of muteness, squire, by your idiosyncratic approach to myriad esoteric subjects, I'm particularly fond of this entry for which many thanks.

I've been absorbed with that 2nd Cambiaso for YEARS (and if I might add 2 other important players - to my mind - in your theme(s): Heinrich Lautensack -> http://bibliodyssey.blogspot.com/2008/05/perspectiva.html and Giovanni Bracelli [linked in same post])

My obsession with Cambiaso derives from knowing that there are said to be several hundred sketches of his in existence owned by the Palazzo Rosso in Genoa and I keep fruitlessly searching to see if they've digitised any of them, every 8 months or so.

So thank you, sincerely. I love how perspective dances its empty and erratic way to cubism and surrealism.

John F. Ptak

THanks so much for that, PK! I read your excellent post (linked above) and will update mine later today. Cambiaso (from what I can tell) was a very interesting guy working across a number of different fields--I can understand your obsession!

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