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Mike Berneathy

Mr. Vonnegut stole "So it goes" from a French author named Celine. As I remember it is in the introduction of his book "Guignols Band". Mr. Vonnegut was a huge Celine fan and even taught a class on him. When it was time for him to teach the class he recalled " I realized I had nothing to say... "

Celine was that good.

John F. Ptak

I think that the saying existed before Celine, possibly coming to Earth from Tralfamador. Or not. Celine's appearance reminds me of an older, less-fashion-aware version of god help me Johnny Depp.

John F. Ptak

I can't let Celine go by without saying something about that man now that I've kidded about where So it Goes comes from. I'm sorry that it comes from Celine. I'm sorry that Celine's big book comes from him. I'm sorry that for such a creative man that he had such monstrous ideas. I'm sorry that he was annoyed with Hitler to the point where he called him a "Jew". I'm sorry that Celine was a horrible anti-Semite. I'm sorry that Celine left France for Germany at the time of Liberation to join the other few remaining Vichy supporters. I don't know what Vonnegut the Vet had to say about Celine the Golem. I'm sorry to say that I don't care that "So it goes" comes from him; I wish it didn't.

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