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Based on your recommendation, I just watched a recently released 1080p version of the "restored" cut. You might be surprised at the increase in tonality in a really good BluRay HiDef transfer, the film is much less contrasty black and white than other Noir films. But I was a bit surprised, it is obvious the recut film had some editing problems, it just isn't immaculately tight like a Welles film should be. Still, it's a pretty great Noir classic. But it just makes me wonder what it COULD have been.

John F. Ptak

Well, the thing is a great achievement given all that had gone wrong with the production/editing end. (Not only was the editing taken over by Universal, but some of the film was actually reshot.) Yes there's some goofy stuff in it, but you just have to look over its shoulder a little to get on with the rest of the film.

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