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Jeff Donlan

Something like the last picture is what I have in mind from Jose Saramago's "All the Names," in which Senhor Jose works at the "Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths," a frightening labyrinth of old paper. The folly of presuming to keep accurate account of everyone surely explains why the number of people getting to heaven will be restricted to 144,000. We should attend to our happiness here and now, and regularly throw out our Sticky Notes.

John F. Ptak

Thanks, Jeff. AS it turns out Patti worked for a month in British Guyana 15 years ago, or so, and said that the finance department looked something like this--old records going back into the dust, all piled high on open shelves, open paper, open everything. Seems like a tragedy waiting to happen when at street level you look up to see a super tanker going by. // BTW I got me my sticky notes, just in case. They're blank, of course.

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