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Jeff Donlan

Maybe you remember the scene in "We Were Soldiers" in which soldiers such as these wrapped this stuff in a line around a group of trees and blew them over to make a new landing zone. It made an impression on me because I thought, "Cool! I never have to mess with a chainsaw again!" It wasn't available at the local hardware, though. It was a Mel Gibson movie, so maybe you missed it. Based on a fascinating, frightening book "We were soldiers once ... and young."

John F. Ptak

Haven't seen the film. And I'm not sure if that chainsaw thought isn't untrue--I've had a lot of exposure now due to a bunch of farm blasting pamphlets from duPont. Stump blasting. Tree blasting. Ditch blasting. Hill blasting. Blasting blasting. If it were up to those guys, you'd be blasting right now. Thanks for the poke on the book--I don't know it.

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