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I agree with you on this, John. Nothing can replace the feel of a book in your hand. And I've heard said that one reason books will not go away is that they will remain because children will learn to read with them, not devices.


Also, how in the heck are we supposed to Pat the Bunny on a kindle?

Terry Hartley

I love my Kindle. But make no mistake, it will never take the place of a book. It is merely a convenience-not so much a pleasure as books always are. I would have to be holding a book in my hand when reading to a child--how else would I use my thumb to hold a page while we flipped back to take another look at a picture several pages ago? That would never be possible or desirable on a Kindle.


Michael--I guess that means that over collapsed time the book industry will cater to the <8 set. That's fine by me.


Intuitive--you've probably given the Kindle et alia folks a new marketing bit for developing FLUFFY SKINZ for their devices, making them happy for little fingers. Just like a nice, cuddly wire monkey.


Terry--good points, esp the convenience v pleasure part. Flipping back to see the picture from the previous page would be tough, especially with chubby fingers. All in all, what would happen if there were kindles for kids and not books?


I agree the tactile nature of the material itself is part of the reading experience, but I fear books will go the way of record albums. They'll be relics of a bygone era when trees and resources were more expendable and there was a lot more space to store it all.

Terry Hartley

To answer your question, John, I think a great deal of pleasure would be lost. And sadly, eventually, kids would not even know what they were missing. I do like the idea of fluffy skinz as an inadequate consolation prize.

Jeff Donlan

And don't forget National Security. We're already behind because we don't use chopsticks. If future generations can't even turn a page, God help us. We already have generations that can't read a clock face. How will they tell each other where the MIGs are? Books are such a well-evolved technology for us humans. There has to be some neurological benefit to thumbing backwards through a text to find the place you remember, to spotting a phrase exactly where you remember it in the upper third of the right hand page with many paragraph breaks.


I can't believe that this has not been shouted from the rooftops, but Amazon sold E-copies that SOMEHOW (I don't even care how) infringed copyrights of the 1984 and after the fact rescinded the copies from the purchasers' Kindles, etc. (refunding them electronically, of course). This is akin to breaking into people's houses and stealing their books! And, not just Amazon, but many e-retailers are revising e-books AFTER they have been download and of course, read! This is totally unacceptable. Call me old-fashioned and unadaptable to technology but you would be sorely mistaken. I am 43 and 100% dependent on my iPhone. But I will always be loyal to the printed page. Technology be damned!

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