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I'm not sure the various "Deutsche Informationsstelle(n)" that exist today would share anything but the name of the Nazi department: it's a very generic term.

I'm not sure this is interesting, but the question of what happened in 1939 was a prominent issue in German politics this year, briefly. As quoted on http://www.wbj.pl/article-51037-poland-mobilized-before-germany-says-erika-steinbach.html, the statement Erika Steinbach made was: “Unfortunately, I cannot change the fact that Poland had already mobilized in March 1939.” That is certainly an accurate translation of what she was reported to have said in German.

For what it's worth, the German media have been very good about stating unequivocally what happened in 1939. The Big Lie lives on in the incredibly blinkered view evident in the statement, with revisionists blowing out of all proportion events to suggest Polish aggression that simply did not exist.

(Erika Steinbach went on to insult a Holocaust survivor, apparently because he didn't answer her letters. She remains a member of the Bundestag and spokeswoman of Merkel's parliamentary party on human rights issues.)

John F. Ptak

Thanks very much for your contribution. I added a note about the GIC to make it more clear that it even though it exists today it is not the GIC of 1939 by any means whatsoever.

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