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There are an hell of a lot of stars on helmets in that picture. I noticed to Eisenhower's right, there are two men, one has 4 stars and the other 2 stars. Does the magazine give any idea who they are?


TO Ike's immediate left is George Patton; the four star on the right I think is Omar Bradley; I'm not sure about the two star. To his everlasting credit Eisenhower was insistent on high-ranking whoever witnessing the camps otherwise he (Ike) might not be believed.


I found it so interesting that they had the foresight to think that people might consider what happened to be propaganda. I am so glad that there is photographic evidence of those atrocities. Thank you for publishing this.


I looked up all the 4 stars in WWII (wikipedia has a list) and I figured it might be Mark Clark, or maybe George Marshall since he's on the report title. But after comparing photos, that jawline definitely looks like Bradley.

After extensive research, I'm going to take a wild guess that the two star is Major General Hugh Gaffey, Commander of the 4th Armored Division.

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