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The two striking omissions from the 50s notion of colossal for us dear Ptak are green-sauce sensuality and gut-giggling foolishness. Beyond that: The colossal TV, cigarettes and liquor wreak of arrogance. And all orifices are sterile with the prophylactics of propaganda. This world is constipated: no room for the renewal that comes from a really good shit or a merry, slippery round of the two-backed beast.


You will have to forgive the excess in the comment we posted last night, Ptak. Rabelais had too much to drink and got the upper hand. I will write a more civilized response on our blog this week.

John McKay

The first image that came to my mind looking at these images was Bob Kane's Batman of the fifties with the wisecracking dynamic duo battling the incompetent henchmen of their foes atop giant typewriters and other grotesquely inflated household appliances. I'm sure there was a brilliant commentary of American consumerism hidden in those battles. I'm equally sure Kane had no idea he was making that commentary.

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