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Jeff Donlan

"The Southern Confederacy Arithmetic," by which it is proved that a colored person is equal to less than a white one. If you think about it, this may have been the beginning of the New Math.

I like "The Elementary Spelling Book, Revised and Adapted to the Youth of the Southern Confederacy, Interspersed with Bible Readings on Domestic Slavery," too. The Bible is useful for so many things.

John F. Ptak

I know. "The Bible--Its Not Just For Sittin' On". It can be a magic salve for some many different and unpretty things, like WD40. A friend found some e-versions of some of these books which means I'll actually have to have a looksee.

John McKay

I love the idea of comparative studies of textbooks. The late Charles Jelavich wrote a book about Serb, Croat, and Slovene nationalism in schoolbooks prior to WWI (and Yugoslav unification). I'm sure a wonderful history of the Cold War could be written using that approach.

John F. Ptak

I like the idea of an encyclopedic sampler of this sort of thing.Thanks for reading!

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