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Jeff Donlan

Food pictures can be so disturbing. The sandwich load definitely elicits a visceral reaction. It made me think of a friend's travel blog from this winter/spring, when they traveled for months around SE Asia. His food pictures are great, and it's partly his skill as a photographer but also a result of digital photos on a computer screen. Assuming one's monitor is reasonably balanced, the photos are always fresh. Food photos in magazines and on menus quickly change. I have a certain feeling attached to Chinese food menus with faded, yellowed photos of dishes. It's almost enough to turn me away from a restaurant. On top of all that, though, the very idea of the Durkee sandwich loaf off-putting. And I love mayonnaise.

John F. Ptak

Truth be told Jeff I associate wound with the colors--and not pretty sound at that. On the other hand I can very well imagine the comfort that you could feel from this sort of meal, so long as that comfort was being enjoyed then, and not now.

I think that the colors used in LIFE magazine though actually get brighter with age. Redder reds and so on.'

YOur Chinese Menu Portrait forms an instant image and dislike--portraits of food like that look like the way it sounds when someone scratches their feet. For me it was the menus in the front window of a Mexican restaurant on 18th St DC that bothered me so--they had been there for years, and were almost entirely faded away. Still they stayed.

What's the deal with pictures of food in menus anyway? Nothing ever looks like the picture, so why bother? I'd like to start a simple project of photographing and comparing the food that comes in packages with their advertised pic with what slides out of the box or bag. I bought some veggie sausages recently that had a porn-y sorta pic on the packaging but the food product that tumbled out look like a turd. Isn't there some sort of non-market-law law in charge of that sort of thing?

I tell ya...

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