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I love the chess set, John.

Though I have an uncle who is a champion chess player, I prefer chess as a metaphor and am fascinated by how it has been used by various artists from Ingmar Bergman in the Seventh Seal to Lewis Caroll in Alice in Wonderland to you in your fabulous folk concoction pitting great physicians against great mathemeticians.

There is a fabulous chess café here in Montréal called Pi (the mathematical symbol that is, which I cannot find on my keyboard at the moment). It is a place you would like, I am sure.

Keep posting interesting stuff like this. I get alot of out it.

for @Rabelaisandme ([email protected])

Ray Girvan

You might be interested in Breaking out of the game ( http://segalbooks.blogspot.com/2009/04/breaking-out-of-game.html ) which has a couple of citations to works discussing the role of chess as a kind of theatre acting out real-world feudal hierarchy.

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