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Jeff Donlan

Of COURSE there will still be planes. Just as Captain Kirk enjoyed a leather-bound book via his reading glasses, so will anti-gravity-age folk enjoy the thrill of piloting a fallible craft onto an insufficient runway. The fear of death will be the motivation for many recreational pursuits. I wonder if it was hunters in that second picture that brought the airport down into the park. "Betcha can't hit that ..."

John F. Ptak

Oh dear Jeff. Did Capt Kirk read in an episode of ST? I though that it was Jean-Luc Picard who was/is/will be the cerebral one, dusty leather etc. Jim struck me as thinking that "cerebral" was something you had with milk in the mornings. I could of course be waaay wrong, just like with DOn Sutton not belonging in the HOF. I think I'd like to write a My Own Big Book of Wrong.

Jeff Donlan

I thought an old, bloated Kirk was seen reading in one of the films. It may be a specious memory, constructed to rid the image of a disagreeable male pressuring women all the time. One WANTS to like Capt. Kirk.

I would like to read your My Own Big Book of Wrong, just to see what else you were wrong about. I mean, what's wrong with Don Sutton being in the HOF? Are you just angry from his years as a sportscaster? I mean, he had lots of strikeouts and stuff.

John F. Ptak

Don Sutton makes me cranky. He did win 320-some games, but he dragged himself across the line, also losing 250-odd games in the process. And that was with good teams for the most part. I think he had 1 20-win season. He did have a good era for his time, but not spectacular. He is also an annoying broadcaster. As I said: cranky.

I think you're 100% right about Puffy Jim--you *did* want to like him, but he was always the kid that did something stupid right at the point of becoming his friend. And you're also right about him not getting thru our own modern times and sexual discrimination and general Elite/Stubby/Bloated Turgidness around anything warm.

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