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I never could understand the foofaraw over warning future generations about manmade underground nuclear hazards. There are plenty of natural nuclear hazards that can cause trouble if you drill into them. Future generations will probably have to deal with that a lot more often than manmade hazards. I suppose this study was more of a remedy for unemployment hazards encountered by contemporary semioticians, logicians, sociologists, and their ilk.

John F. Ptak

It is not possible for me to imagine 10,000 years hence--that's already basically about twice all of recorded human history. I suspect this future biz would be as dense to us as the year 2000 would've been to someone educated in 2500 BCE. But that's not the point, really, with what I was writing about--mainly I was just interested in the first half of the title of the pamphlet I was moaning about.

Jeff Donlan

It is thoughtful to try to leave a warning about stunningly toxic bundles of waste, but it IS hard to imagine 10,000 years hence. Will we already be well aware of what's down there, perhaps even have a solution, or will we be hunting dog-sized rats on foot with spears tipped with broken Coke bottles? The pictures are probably best, but at first glance, I thought the last one was a Pilates class.

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