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Jeff Donlan

The unfilled office of hangman ... you'd think it might sink in that the system wasn't working. When nobody wants to execute fellow citizens, it could have occurred to someone to modify the criminal justice system. But that's silly to say--look at America and drugs. A sadder thing is that today, I think, there would be no problem filling the job of executioner.

John F. Ptak

Who knows if the thing, murdering murderers, has prevented murder or vast sins or not, though the promise of Hell seems to have not slowed the criminal progressions of millions. On the face of it it looks like a stupid idea, even if only for the getting-things-wrong part of it. I do suspect that the fatal verdict might have a calming effect on executives who ruin thousands of people in committing their unlawful nasties--perhaps if their life was in balance rather than 8 years in medium security you'd have fewer Enrons etc. Just a modest proposal.

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