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Steven Taylor

Fuelled is a common British spelling.

John F. Ptak

That's it? I was trying to get across what 100 million gallons BP product looks like and you point out that "fuelled" is correct to a spelling minority? BP's interest in getting something "fuelled" seems more public relations and internet search engine hijacking than much else. I can't give them the spelling.


Well, BP does stand for British Petroleum. It doesn't surprise me that the company would use a British spelling in their promotional material.

I don't think correcting your error detracts from the message of your post. The oil spill is completely outrageous. A large corporation having self-serving PR materials, however? Not so shocking.

John F. Ptak

There's just so much to chose from here with this catastrophic and (soon-to-be-shown) criminal behavior that I'm not sure where to start. (BP, which *used* to stand for British Petroleum but now is simply company's name, does have a history of pleading guilty to criminal negligence. (As a matter of fact there were complaints about calling BP "British Petroleum" with a call for cease and desist.)) Honestly, its a ghastly feat of the devils. I thought that sniffing around my rant about "fuelled" was a little off, and so I responded. The self-serving promotionals was expected, but even with expectation they looked like porn to me. The purchasing of browser placement away from news sources *was* a surprise, but then again I don't live in that world, and now I suspect that is total SOP. That doesn't make it any less Orwellian; and perhaps more so. Lastly I find the word "spill" really doesn't sit well, and is wholly lacking in communicating any sort of magnitude. Even qualifying it, "unprecedented" and "outrageous", a spill seems to me what a baby does with milk, or a dig with a water bowl, or a drunk at a bar. But "spill" seems to be all we have--seems like we need a new word for this case, though now that I write this I feel as though I'm missing good replacement candidates. Thanks for writing in, Ms. Angela.

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