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wonderful post John. I never thought about changing my name in that way before. very thought-provoking. I thank you very much.
I also like what you said about the 'spill'. I've been saying that all along, tho not as well as you have said it here.

John F. Ptak

Thanks so much, Jylene. Names are a big deal--what we call this is basically what they are (for most folks). Names define and so abbreviate, so our noggins don't have to think about the named things depths every time the name is used. The use of "spill" is a bloody joke--if "spill words" had say three levels to describe magnitude (like spill/spillroid/spillzeta or some such) and the news was using "spillzeta" all of the time, perhaps people would be treating the news differently. 10^9 gallons is something that is just difficult to visualize; 'spillzeta' is "a staggeringly enormous release of liquid" then at least there would be some sitting-up being done at the sound of the word. Or not.

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