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Elizabeth NJ

This reminds me of seeing Clementine Churchill in London in September 1975. I was in the crowd outside Westminster Abbey during a 35th anniversary memorial service for the Battle of Britain. Why we stayed I don't know as the service wasn't broadcast to the crowd. But it was worth the wait. At the end, the color guard of soldiers from the first and second world wars lined the walk and then out she came. She walked with difficulty (perhaps with a walker, I don't remember) to the car, stopping to wave at us and refusing the open door to the back seat, chose instead to sit in front with her driver. It was a thrill because WC had been my childhood hero in the 1960s (the result of an American childhood spent reading 1940s English children's books). I was already stunned at seeing soldiers from the Great War who, to my 21-year-old self, seemed impossibly old.

I enjoy your blog but rarely have much to contribute in the way of comments. Thanks for the anecdote!

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