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Jeff Donlan

I like that: "what we dumped was mostly nothing, ‘cause the printed page is mostly white space and unused."

And a human is mostly water, and our atoms are mostly space. Why should Borge's white space be any better than mine? As Mr. Borge's said:

"You will never recapture what the Persian said
In his language woven with birds and roses
When in the sunset before the light disperses
You wish to give words to unforgettable things."

That may not pertain, but I like that poem.

John F. Ptak

Thanks Jeff--its a lovely poem and so for as I can tell it does pertain, which means it might actually do so.

Also I think the next step to salvaging like this would be to scape the letters off the page and collect them in a cup, a Jefferson cup. (Actually one of my characters cut all of the words out of a book, individually, and put them on a plate, heaping. I never did it in Real Life, because, well, it would be the work of either a crazy man or an artist, but I do have an image of the word-excised book next to the words.)

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