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Now that is just beautiful.
In my own artwork, I have spent decades developing the qualities of my images so that they are interesting at every scale of viewing, from across the room, to nearly microscopic level. And now I see a child could do that with just a beautiful accident.

John F. Ptak

Thanks so much for such a beautiful observation--I'll tell Tess; she'll be thrilled.

Rick Hamrick

I love that each crayon clearly shows the change it has taken on as a result of contacting other crayons. Gorgeous tiny flecks of color, as each nubbin reflects which other ones it has been close to over the years.

If only we could acknowledge as easily the impact we feel from our contact with each other, and how it adds to our own beauty.

Thanks for this, John and Tessie!

Jeff Donlan

May I suggest a poster of that work of art. It is ordered and organic at once. The patinas on each crayon are indeed lovely. They are inexplicably fascinating.

John F. Ptak

Rick--very poetic, and I like the metaphor a lot. Jeff--I think that it is the child making art with a child's things that begins to take over, plus the objects themselves are gorgeous. I'll tell tessie.


I love the little flecks of color, and I love that Patti's mom kept these little treasures, and that Tess took them out and created something beautiful with them.
I would make a poster of that too!

Jeff Donlan

So, John, I'd like to order one for the children's room at my library. Please invoice, Net 30; advise discount for volume. This order backed by the full faith and credit of the people of Salida.

Ray Girvan

Lovely. Thematically connected: see Luxirare's Edible crayons post http://luxirare.com/crayon/

John F. Ptak

Thanks Ray. You are correct about the edible crayons! (Quite a site, there--433 responses to that edible crayon post.)

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