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Jeff Donlan

It's so hard not to read things into Dodgson's photos and the demeanor of the girls in them. The photos you link to include one comment: "Charles Dodgson's last portrait of Alice. Morton Cohen calls her "sullen," I call her pensive, perhaps sad. (1870)" I find myself hoping she had no good reason for being sullen before Dodgson's camera in particular. There is a creepiness to the photos, but I can't tell how much I am informed by modern speculation. It is certain that there is unfairness at play one way or the other. Ah, well.

Mahendra Singh

I think Cohen may have been polite. To me, CLD's Alice photo's always seemde to show a rather petulant & spoiled young lady.

I love the Guiness adverts, somehow, I think a dark bitter beer is just the thing for a Mad Hatter's Party! And what the heck, kids love it too!

John F. Ptak

Jeff: sometimes creepy is just creepy, modernist filter or not. I've seen LC's work and there's a lot of it that just reminds me of a post turtle. (Don't know how it got there, etc.) when I think of the exactness of his work in just about everything else, I would say that little in his photography was left to "chance". MAHENDRA: I have little doubt that she was spoiled (given the background and the times, etc) but I don't know about petulent. And so far as the Guinness goes: MIAB (meal-in-a-bottle) means BAIM backwards, and since neither means anything at all, then it all must be correct. Or soemthing.

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