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Jeff Donlan

I love it: unchewed red meat and no water. The path to good health. Beats Woody Allen's lines in "Sleeper." I love this subtle caveat: "Why not try Dr. Brinker's remedy, a pound of good porterhouse. People tell me it works well when used with sufficient fruit juices." Like ... eight to ten glasses of fruit juice a day?

John F. Ptak

Yes, Mr. Brinkler didn't stipulate how many glasses of fruit juices to take. Mainly I think because fruit juice can't be broiled (I think). And if it can't be broiled you don't need a broiler. A broiler sold by people. A broiler sold by Mr. Brinkler. So if you don't need a broiler sold by Mr. Brinkler it isn't a Brinkler System Dietary Deal. Flat Earth.

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