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Sally Holmes Staples

I hear seagulls and clunking against the docks in that last one.

Terry Hartley

Lovely idea, John. Makes me think of my husband tearing bark from a white birch yesterday. (I requested it for a book I'm making). I watched this snowy scene from the window of a warm house but I'd swear I heard a thin papery sound as he peeled the bark from the tree.


Out of interest, Lily here has synaesthesia and is very sensitive to colours. The upside is that she does beautiful coordinated window displays; the downside ... looks over shoulder ... is that authors are rather dispersed around the shop because of (to my way of thinking) excessive categorisation by colour of edition.

John F. Ptak

I am curious to know how the synesthesia is manifested? What do colors "mean" to Lily? What is she seeing in/with color? Is her categorization by an association with a (for example) set of ideas with color? (Say, for example, Restoration History "seems" rather red?). Are certain colors placed together "noisy" or too irksome to tolerate? This list could go on and on...

John F. Ptak

SALLY: I wonder if you'd still hear seagulls if I didn't mention that this was a fishing net? You hear anything else?

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