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Timely tidbit for me ... I'm just to the point in Ulysses, after the funeral, wherein Bloom goes to his newspaper's offices, and I'm feeling kindly and nostalgic about the newspaper business, and this on the heels of a friend saying without blinking that he was sitting at his kitchen table reading the paper on his laptop, and I thought Paper?, but with great equanimity I thought, Anitya, Anitya, and proceeded apace. Merry New Year, John, with thanks.

John Ptak

Paper laptop. And they say that we are in a post-ironic age? I think that there is nothing but irony--perhaps in a place where there is nothing but a certain something, perhaps you can't see it at all. I suspect that anitya is one of those Buddhist things that I know nothing about--I'd go and open up my Devil's Dictionary, I would.

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