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That plane is an early vision of the discount airline. It actually holds 5,000 people, with a crew of 50 partying and Twittering in that ample cockpit. The hopeful thing in those visions of future cities is the ignorance of the Second Law and the likely discounting of depreciation and a general Pollyanna view of human nature. Fortunately, there are also plenty of dystopian visions in which the infrastructure is properly decayed, the auto bridges collapsed, the 5,000-seat discount aircraft wrecked and stripped for parts. However, I think that in each vision, the people in those buildings are doing the same thing.

John Ptak

2nd Law be damned I say...plus I think the plane is ALL cockpit. It would make a nice setting I agree for a post-dystopian landscape for a story of people trying to recover their Lost Lives in the Office. Or something. Also, apologies for all of the bleepin' typos which I hope didn't make your eyes burn too much--I sent that one out into the world by mistake, publishing it instead of drafting it. So it goes.


Don't worry about typos, John. In fifty years, they will look quaint.

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