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Dave Dubé

Do you have any maps of SE Asia (Vietnam specifically) or Japanese port cities? I'm looking for same to use as original images for envelopes made from the copies.


The French census photos make me think of "All the Names" by Jose Saramago.

John Ptak

Hi Jeff: I'm sorry but I don't know Mr. Saramago, but I'll check him out. Patti worked for the finance ministry in Guyana about a dozen years ago for a few weeks and evidently their archive was much like this. Me, I got me that in the basement...

Ray Girvan

"you couldn’t keep a dry heat around exposed paper"

And yet it can't be that dank: I see a "Defense de fumer" sign.

John Ptak

I've had experiences with things kept for a long time in dry heat--the paper can easily go brittle, shockingly brittle. All depends on how dry/the paper etc., but I've had some bad experiences there.

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