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A link, John, to a recent segment of a series in the NYTimes that discusses this photo and includes an interview with Florence. You may have already seen it. There is also a later photo of MM and her daughters that is on the Wiki site as well. Scroll down about halfway. A photo and story that continue to fascinate.


John Ptak

Thanks for the link--and no I hadn't seen the article. From the past though Florence wasn't very satisfied with her photo and fame, and I just didn't feel lie getting into it with this post. Actually it could make an interesting two woman show, one Lange the other Florence, telling the stories separately. Or just Florence in old age, telling her story from the front steps of the trailer.


Great idea, the two woman show. I'd go. Any ideas for actresses? The photo of Lange on the car has fascinated me for years. The posture, the bandana, the cloud reflection on the windshield. I want shoes like that. (Don't show em to Patti, she'll want them too.)

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