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How can anyone react except in disbelief when exposed to this description? I'm not saying I don't believe Burroughs, but that my own tentative construct of the universe is so walloped in reading this that my only reaction is laughter.

Weird, but that's what happened when I read this. I laughed.

Side note: the photo you included should be captioned this way: One of us is not walking away from this conversation. I'm guessing you are going to vote that it be me. I'm okay with that.

John Ptak

How could you not believe a 20-yr-long horse junkie? Frankly, even if half of it was made up, there's still that other half. And I have little doubt that Old Bill knew what he was talking about. Also, he got a lot of mileage out of the Unfortunate Accident with his wife--he posed a lot with handguns and rifles and shotguns, but I have a doubt that he would use them. Much. Depends on the target, I guess.

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