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Ray Girvan

Given that it's Dutch, could it be anti-Catholic: that his sin is painting Mary as an object of veneration?

Ray Girvan

PS: just off to work, but I'll have a ponder later. The book is here http://www.archive.org/details/denwechdeseeuwic00sucq - the image is page 556. My Dutch is nonexistent, but the next page has a description in German of what it means, that I might be able to read.

Ray Girvan

No luck: the German doesn't duplicate the Dutch. The caption says:

"Om mat ghy de stercker tot de deugt verweckt sout worden, soeckt ende volght [A] d’exemplen der Heyligen, meest van uw’ Patronen, ende versoeyt [B] de sonde, die u van deselve treckt, ondersoeckt wat sy van dese deught hebben gevoelt, en geschreven; hoe sy die hebben geoffent door ‘t ingeven van den [C] H. Geest."

A is the good painter, B the bad one being pulled to Hell, and C the Holy Ghost. It *seems* to be saying that A is holy because he's working through a patron, but B is working for himself. Pursuing...

Ray Girvan

We have an answer to what's going on (thanks to Trevor at Kalebeul http://oreneta.com/kalebeul/ ). B is not the artist but the creature grabbing him - which is not a devil pulling him down to Hell but represents "sonde" (sin) distracting him.

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