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Ray Girvan

"(All of this scratch-pad reasoning might be wrong, but not horribly so, I don't think.)"

Agreed - unless we go to the even more gruesome possibility of a colossal nuclear-powered land truck...

Dave Dubé

I have a photograph taken in the Forties of a rather large vehicle that I've never seen before, taken by an Army photographer. I'd like to id the thing, but everyone I've shown it to is at as big a loss as I am for an explanation. It could be a fuel hauler, but there's a door in the side of it for stepping into it, and no hoses or external connections for fuel. The tires are about ten foot tall...

Ray Girvan

Sounds fascinating! Let's see it.

Dave Dubé

I sent a scan of it to lily@segalbooks.com

If that's not the right place to send it, let me know: ddcachets@gmail.com

John Ptak

Yes, send it on Dave. Email it to jfptak@thescienceboosktore.com

Ray Girvan

Thanks, Dave. Interesting. It's obviously not an APC (which was my first thought). The location appears to be a racecourse. There's some kind of logo on the side. Is that as high a resolution as you can get? I'd say best bet is get a more high-res scan and throw it open for identification. If you're not a member, I'll happily post it to Ask Metafilter http://ask.metafilter.com/

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