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How about substituting 'melancholy' or 'melancholia' for ennui. What's its imaginary statistic in the published print world do you think?

John Ptak

Melancholy isn't invented until the 17th century by Robert Burton's uncle, Bubbles "Bub" Burton, who needed an in-between word for the upper middle class that stood between ennui (Saks) and boredom (Wal-Mart). Since I'm making all of this up anyway I'd have to say that the percentages for "Melancholy" would be exactly the same (but dissimilar!) Thanks for dialing in! Buy more Ovalteen! (Where's my decoder ring?)


"Melancholy isn't invented until the 17th century"


[yes, yes... I heard the "I'm making it all up.." bit too.............but I couldn't resist]

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