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I like your noting that Galileo did not exactly endear himself to the Powers that Be in his day--even now, centuries later, there is still almost zero flexibility in the views of those who are running the Holy See. Not that they are unique in their seeming inability to include 'adaptability' as a new-found strength, of course, but I cannot find evidence in nature that being brittle works for the long haul.

It does tickle me that mankind can still fall for the "oh, we were wrong, but *now* we have it exactly right!" attitude today's experts can convey. Not all of them, though. I still remember RP Feynman answering a question after one of his nighttime lectures with this: "Hell, I don't know!" Feynman being Feynman, he then launched into a two-blackboard-filling speculation. I only understood the first part of his answer.

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