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Dave Dubé

Twenty short years after this article appeared, the Graf Zeppelin would be making an historic Round-the-World flight - it's first.

John PTak

Thanks for the comment, Dave. Regarding your question about maps--you can check out some of my stock at http://www.thesciencebookstore.com and then go to the browse maps/prints section. That'll give you an idea of what's here. There's a lot of material that is not online so you'll have to be specific....

John PTak

BTW, Dave, if you're making copies of these things you must know about the Libby Congress treasure trove. The maps are *very* high quality, massive scans, and are downloadable in whole or in bits. I have printed these things out on a <$300 printer on 150 year old tissue guards (taped at edges, gingerly, to a 200lb stock or whatever) and they have looked just beautiful. Inkjet and laser, but better on the inkjet. I've also printed them out on 200+ year old paper, and they look really sharp.

Dave Dubé

Hey, I did just look back at this post, and I really appreciate the tip on LOC maps!

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