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Two memorable, old pamphlets that once crossed my desk:

1950s pamphlet on how "bosses" should deal with female employees. Loved the assumptions that all bosses were male and all women were secretaries (probably quite true at the time). Also loved the advice to be firm and talk simply so that the women knew exactly what to do (small brains, you know), but not to be harsh, lest the hysterics ensue.

A McCarthy-era pamphlet warning: "As you're guarding the front door against communism, socialism is sneaking in the back door."

I wish I'd had the guts to "borrow" them permanently!

John Ptak

Hi Shelley, thanks for your comment and recollection. With the first memory in mind you'll probably enjoy my post of today. The hideous McCarthyist pamphlet reminds me of a film I saw many years ago as an under-10 year old on the Red MEnace, the repetitive line being "two steps forward and one step back". (You remember this Jeff?)


I don't remember that film in particular, John, but I do remember feelings about those movies akin to the feelings I have today about Fox News and Fox Sports. I suppose it's always been my nature to be suspicious of fakey drama and emotional appeals, especially handed down by "adults." I always thought the bomb drills that took us into the dark interior halls made much more sense than hiding under our desks beneath a twelve-foot wall of windows. Anyway, the enduring memories of school films for me are of the music. Every now and then, I'll tap the glasses on the table with my chopsticks and make an educational film soundtrack.

John Ptak

"Yup" on the dark hallway in the bowels of the building, though I don't remember ever putting together the 300 square feet of glass that was protecting/killing us from the nuclear holocaust. I think I can remember lining up near the lunchroom in the dark, with Mr. Rotelli directing (?) Fox Snews and Snorts are time capsules, bubbling up like an old fashioned fainting neuralgia or that tummy upset that doesn't digest food.

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