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You can't remember Uhura's name???? That's Star Trek sacrilege! ;) Great post. Thanks.


I couldn't remember her name, either, but I remember her well. Maybe that's a male response. I'd've kissed her, too.

John Ptak

Jeff: I've since gone to youtube and found the clip of The Kiss, and it seems as though Capt Kirk was being made/induced to seduce and kiss. Or sumpin'. I just remembered that she always sat sideways, showing as much leg as possible. And now I remember that one of my younger brothers watching the Brady Bunch, and seeing the kids in their bathroom that had no toilet. And so the question is, when did the first potty/wc appear on TV? And who cares? I bet it wasn't until the 1960's at least. Unless the Beaver sat on one, all moped-up and sniveling away.

John Ptak

Elizabeth: yes, I guess it is a sacrilege, but one I can afford. I got a whole pocket full of the expensive ones...

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