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John, I love the "turning around" theme. Looking back, despite the biblical injunction. We have days out here that almost look like this photo in which the light seems x-ray, solarized, whether you're wearing sunglasses or not. I don't know what it is, probably something personal and psychological, because other days the clear skies and sunlight seem welcome and benign. It took me a while to get used to the periods of unrelenting blue sky. I would long for clouds and rain. However, one's clothes dry quickly.

John Ptak

Well, the problem with this for me is that it is a particularly difficult category to fill up without making stuff up. There is a beautiful turn-around for the celebration at Promontory Utah, turned-around from the two trains omn the next day, just one lonely guy, a loose shoe, and railroad tracks that stretch to the horizon. *That* was the real story. Weird how many western/Western photos have loose strewn shoes in the street in commonplace photos. What was going on? I like the idea of solarized. Also the idea of the illumination and giant sky. There's something certainly about the angle of the sun sunset atmosphere no trees, looking over to see the setting sun on the horizon just right over there, getting a face full of sun with nothing in between you and it. SOrt of.

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