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I'm embarrassed to admit that my intended castigation of you for the omission of my favourite sentence in the big blue book of Mr Joyce was totally without foundation. It occurs in a bar, but alas, the Ormond, not Davy Byrne's.

"Ben Dollard bulkily cachuchad towards the bar, mightily praisefed and all big roseate, on heavyfooted feet, his gouty fingers nakkering castagnettes in the air." [Sirens]

I envy your trip to Dublin. I had every intention of getting there for the centenary in '04 but life got in the way, as it is wont to do. Next one for sure.

John Ptak

Thanks, PK! That is a fabulous favorite. And it would be a trip for you from Oz, though you have plenty of places to see and go to from there. Still one of my fondest travel moments was having an early morning coffee, face full of sun, at The Rocks.
ALSO: I'd like now to make a list (interested?) of books that can be/are known by being "the ____ book", as in your "big blue book". There's "the telephone books" that I've used for years for Thorne's "Gravitation". Having a hard time coming up with some more (excluding references to versions of the bible with famous misprints like the Wicked Bile and so on...and The Good Book).

John Ptak

Interesting typo on my part! "Wicked Bile" was supposed to be "Wicked Bible". Maybe that's okay.


Damn. My comment must have been eaten (or morelike I didn't do the preview/captcha word thingy).

Anyway... It's "little blue book" - I was wrong. That was JJ's wry way of referring to it. I was being factual, he was being ironic.

The only other "the.....book" I can think of is the 12 step book at A.A. I think that's referred to as the "big book" but this is a topic that will fast become esoteric, geographic and otherwise very subjective methinks.
Oh....what was Chairman Mao's book from the 60s? "little red book"? or the somesuch.
Also, I liked your typo.

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