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I'd love to give this more thought, but alas. My reflex is to re-use "gaggle" for librarians, or in these modern times perhaps "google." But at heart I'm more romantic. I like a "hush" of librarians.


As a librarian, I like a google of librarians. Hubby is a photographer so maybe a click of photographers or a flatter of photographers if it's fashion photography. With regard to lawyers, a crook of lawyers unless judgement goes your way, then perhaps a victory of lawyers. Great conversation topic and provocative post. Thanks.

John Ptak

Jeff: I like a "hush"; "gaggle" is very close to SBB's "google", which I also like quite a bit. Perhaps a Hush google of librarians? SBB: "victory" and "Lawyer" doesn't really compute to me. A "Poe" of lawyers is better for me, or a "pursuit", or "crucible", or "pestle". "Flatter" of photographs is good. How about "make", "weegee", "positive". Flatter is best.


A click of photographers and a pursuit of lawyers. I like those. (BTW, smallbluebird, I'm a librarian, too, so I can make librarian jokes.) Click: I wish I'd thought of that.

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