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The modern equivalent might be "our migrant workers wear shoes." Or counting catsup as a vegetable in school lunches. Hey, 84% of Americans have health insurance and 89% of children! That's almost an A!!


When the computer doesn't fire up always check the plug. WHen you want to look at a "modern" equivalent of something in the past always check to make sure that the old something-or-other isn't still around. You're absolutely righton the migrant workers. I messed up on my own cardinal rule. Didn't check the plug. ANd on health care: I know you're saying that almost everything is an A in a world full of A's and B's ("in the land of the blind//a one-eyed man is king" crooned Mr. Waits). I wouldn't hazard a guess about how many of the bottom half of the marginally insured receive adequate care once they need it. Would you. As ever, thanks so much, Mr. D.


I was trying to be a little more facetious than I came across. I was comparing our overall health coverage to Canada's. A friend who moved here from Bellingham and used to work as a nurse across the border had a rude awakening working at our local medical clinics. It was actually fell to her sometimes to talk about payment. For years, people came in and she treated them. No questions asked. I must say it's something I like about working at a public library. Of course, we don't do everything for everybody. We won't trace your family tree back to Adam and Eve, and I imagine Canada might not pay for an obese smoker and drinker's third bypass. But who knows. Canadians seem like nice people.

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