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Oh, I don't know, I think there's something to be said for a nearly unpronounceable pseudoscientific neologism-as-title approach, and particularly so when the contents are sparse and wanting.

One can't dance quickly past that cover; the polysyllabic mouthful teases the observer: "Ha! pronounce me if you can!!". I would be persuaded to open that publication if I saw it, after grappling with the cover title, and I might just buy the thing despite discovering that the contents was pure tripe. That's successful marketing for my (admittedly twisted, curious and quirky) demographic.

John PTak

Yes, Peacay, all true. Tripe is tripe, and tripe ain't pretty. Sometimes sitting down to an ancient and pretty Norman delicacy is just a bowl of mushy stomach linings, muscular or not; sometimes its the only thing available to eat. But nowadays, astrology and creationism and other bumpkiss doesn't *have* to be consumed; its just there and comfy so people consume it...just like in the old days, where tripe pots would be left on the fire for ever and ever, ancient in themselves, cause someone's always eatin' it, and there's always a little cow belly that can be added to the mix.

Solar Lau

Hello,this is my first visit.
I am interested in this book.
I wonder where i can buy a copy of this?


Hi, John. I'm back after ten days in the northern New Mexico wilderness. 'Twas lovely. We'll discuss it someday. Just a note worth less than the book in question: I could not help but parse that first word in the title as "Anima-Limitationality," and I actually spent a few moments trying to make sense of it before moving on. I prefer my reading of it, whatever it might mean.

John Ptak

I like your reading better, too. Welcome back to the non-wilderness, even though you're very close to being there all the time anyway. Less culture shock this way.

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