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I am moved by fancies that are curled around these images and cling, the notion of some infinitely gentle, infinitely suffering thing.

Also, Pico Iyer has a book called "Falling off the map: some lonely places of the world" that I enjoyed. But I've thought that it might've been called "lonesome places," too. That's more the quality he evokes in his descriptions of these places, such as Cuba, Argentina, North Korea, Iceland. It's something more like the Coney Island painting, in the disconnect from the world, than the Hopper Sunday Morning, although there's some of that, too. The book's more than 15 y.o. now, and his travels older than that, so things might have changed, but I think not much.

John Ptak

Ah, Thomas Stearns. He writes beautifully sometimes like he made the words. Thanks for the Pico Iyer. I'll check that out (literally).

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