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There are so many events in 1932 that have enormous consequences. They may seem insignificant when viewed in isolate but our histories -- both collective and individual -- are changed because of them.

Hitler becomes a naturalized citizen of Germany.

FDR is elected president of the U.S. for the first time.

Gandhi and Patel are imprisoned by the British.

The French president Doumer is assassinated.

Responsible government is abolished in Newfoundland.

John Ptak

True enough, Jasper, though I don't know anything about the Newfoundland part. 1932 was a big year, and when you go, say, three years back and another three forward, the era gets bigger yet.


I couldn't resist including a reference to Canadian history.

Sorry about that.


jasper, years from now, after Canada has taken over the U.S., that fact about Newfoundland will seem prescient somehow. Historians will ask, "Who is Jas Per?"

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It seems curious to me that the events of 77 years ago would have such an effect on our present life, I wonder if the future world citizens of 2086 will be saying the same about today??

I must say that personally the thing which has the biggest most obvious impact on me is the book 'Brave New World' which I read about 30 years ago. The images of that story still stay with me to this day.


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