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I know it's not behind the creature, but the dot is disturbing in the least because it doesn't belong there, like the little "dots" you might find on the floor in the morning in a house full of untidy pets. I don't know if you've ever lived in such a house, but I have, and it's not fun. I find the picture extremely disturbing. The whole image, in fact, is like the real Dr. Seuss coming out, slipping past his editor.

John Ptak

I have pets too and the pets evidently have their own pets which may or may not be dots. I know that we have "free range" dots out back. They seem to go away by themselves, with rain. Mostly though the pets keep the dots to themselves. That or they're hiding them really well.

Dr. Seuss is a close call, though I like him a lot overall. The thick dark blue that he uses so much is a bit of a bother to me...I don't trust it.


It's not a book in a bag, it's a girdle book:


The 'bag' is actually part of the binding.

John Ptak

Thanks Arnold. I was taking a little poetic leap with this.

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