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connie carpenter macko

Perhaps those two are the epitome of the deliqency we should be trying to prevent? They are practically groping for heaven's sake! I am basing this theory on the pamphlets I remember my mother bringing home from her Child Conservation League meetings which were degined to help her prevent us from turning into hippies. These of course had hippies on the cover...


She could be saying, "Johnny's just taking me for a walk in the woods while everyone's at church. What could be wrong with that?"

Or she could be saying, "Johnny ain't the first, and he ain't the last. What's it to you?"

John Ptak

What I really wan to know is: where is that short sleeve sweater now? Did she make a bad decision to go walking in the sugary not-a-church woods with Johnny the Sweater Boy? Oops. Just been told that it h'ain't my biz.

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